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Guinea Pig or Cat?Cant decide its for christmas, Anyone hav stories and experiences with them plz tell me Thnx?

Hi i am getting either a guinea pig or cat cat for christmas but i really cant decide which one to get! I want a guinea pig because they look so fun because they are fun and i can take them with me to places, i can leave them at home all day while im at school and not have to worry about if they are going to scratch furniture, but i want a cat too because i love cats and they soooo cute, but im worried they scrath the furniture or i get bored easily as they live for 12 years, can someone tell me about any of their experiences with their guineapig or cat, stories or information on why they are good pets i would be happy to read them. I need to decide because i need to start persuading and pestering my mum for one. Thanks sooooooo much

Asked by:Spongebobgirl

What are some fun pranks to do for christmas?

name as many as you can i love hearing others stories

Asked by:hakimtp10

The best naughty (but not X rated) Christmas joke you know?

As it says, naughty Christmas joke(s), but not X rated. Needs to be acceptable for view here. Don’t put up a link for someone to click to see the joke. Include the joke here. Also, looking for the story like jokes, not simple nonsense jokes.

Asked by:Wolfie

Good christmas jokes?

I’m trying to think of some christmas jokes to do a show. Has anyone got any good ideas
I need some FUNNY ones no boring ones please.

Asked by:Ninvus

Any Christmas Jokes?

I’m planning on putting jokes in the christmas cards that i send but i can’t think of any decent ones. Please send me some, clean and dirty ones are welcome!

Asked by:Sacha

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