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Can you write a comical CHRISTMAS VACATION IN THE MOUNTAINS story, just 4 fun, that includes 5 of these lines?

1. Zulu’s petals!!
2. Strange, isn’t it?
3. About time one of you lunkheads showed some gratitude.
4. Italy, Greece, the Parthenon…..Heck….Maybe even Hoboken.
5. The moonbeams will shoot out of your fingers and your toes .
6. Over here in the hydrangea bushes.
7. It’s your total disregard for maps and a compass that got us into this mess.
8. The headlines the next morning read: _______________.
9. I wonder what the NORMAL people are doing today.
10. Let’s see….We’re almost out of firewood, the water tastes funny and I think I saw Bigfoot a minute ago.

BONUS: Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, my overly emotional mother! Merry Christmas, my dear psychotic dad! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old outhouse!
?If you wish to answer but cannot right now, please post your intent so I won’t close on you….. OUCH!! ?

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Would love to hear your ‘work Christmas party’ stories?

I work for ‘the family business’, editing a magazine with my Step Dad. We’ve just got back from our Christmas ‘do’…sat in a pub in Felixstowe (UK) with a tuna sandwitch, a pint of cider and a party popper!
Would love to hear about your own ‘works do’ or school party; funniest gets 10 points in their Yahoo Christmas Answers stocking!
Happy Christmas to all of you at Yahoo Answers for helping to make my office breaks more fun this year!

Asked by:Rebecca

does anyone know some funny christmas jokes or riddles?

we have these things in my language class called reading minutes. we have to present something to the class for example something like an article or a couple pages from a book you found interesting… anyway the date i have to do mine on is december 13th and i want to do some hoilday jokes. please help me.
thanks 😀

Asked by:Paige E

Please write a nice Christmas story set in the old days?

Here’s the catch:
You must use as many different words for Christmas and/or Christmas phrases as you can.
Such as [but not limited to]:
Santa Claus
Father Christmas
Feliz Navidad
Ho Ho Ho
You get the idea!!
Have fun with it! No, this isn’t homework.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Asked by:Char

Any christmas jokes! please tell?

I needed for my school. Any jokes that have to do with Christmas is fine by me. But it can not be dirty jokes or blonde jokes or other jokes that might hurt others.

well… maybe blonde jokes, but I have to hear it first.

Asked by:Denny-Levesque

What is your best Christmas Joke?

Some of mine are:

What do donkeys send out near Christmas?
Mule-tide greetings.

What do you call three blondes at Christmas?
Ho, ho, ho!

What did the blonde ask Santa Claus for Christmas?
Five golden dings, four calling nerds, three French men, two purple gloves, and a bar fridge and a party.

You know you’re a redneck when you go Christmas shopping for your mom, sister, and girlfriend and only come back with one gift.

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Christmas Jokes?

i have to make a bulletin board at work and i need christmas jokes…

Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor?
Because he had a low elf esteem

Which of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners?

What’s the first thing elves learn in school?
The elf-abet

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