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What did Ralphie want for Christmas in the movie “A Christmas Story”?

This is just for fun to see who knows and how fast I receive a response!

Asked by:Krishna S

Do you have a special Christmas book?

Do you have a special Christmas book that you read every Christmas? Every Christmas day I read a book called A Little House Christmas Treasury – this is a book that is a compilation of a bunch of the Christmas stories from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series. I find the Christmas stories in this book very cute, fun, and festive, and so I read it every Christmas.

Does anyone else out there have a special Christmas book that they read every Christmas?

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Does anyone know of a fun Christmas web site for kids to go to?

I’m looking for a Christmas web site that my 8-yr-old can go to to play games, e-mail Santa, and read stories and stuff. A few I’ve found have a whole bunch of stuff for parents, and a lot of links to online toy stores, etc. They all seem quite busy, and I’m afraid she’ll be overwhelmed with all of it, and I’m afraid she may click on something that she shouldn’t see that may cause her to question “Santa Claus” if you know what I mean.

I basically want a simple kid’s web site with games, puzzles, stories, maybe some jokes or even pictures of Santa, and of course a link to send a letter to Santa. Got any ideas or links? Thanks!

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Any good books to read during Christmas?

I dont read all that much but i’d like to read a fun story during christmas? anyy ideass? something that will make my christmas a little funner by reading a christmas book!!(:
btwww im a teenager

Asked by:material_girl97

What do you think of the jokes found in your Christmas Crackers?

What a hoot or what a load of old rubbish ,or other?

Asked by:EJ`s Nan what a liberty! Tia

What is your favorite tradition for Christmas?

Growing up I loved opening a gift on Christmas eve and watching a movie like A Christmas Story or Scrooge with my family. I think we would play Monopoly some years as well.

Now that I have my own family….we are just starting new traditions. I think that in itself is fun.

Happy holidays!!!

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What are somethings to celebrate christmas besides cookies, stories, music, and dressing up?

My boyfriend and I want to celebrate Christmas next week just for fun since we have nothing else better to do on the weekends. So we want to bake christmas cookies in shapes and frosting, put on loud christmas music and get in our best christmas head gear. I want to do something else also to spice up our “fake” christmas, Any suggestions?

Asked by:Chaoticgiselle

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