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The Leading Lights: Both inside and out, Oak Park Heights home shines

The Leading Lights: Both inside and out, Oak Park Heights home shines

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Christmas Dinner Around the World

Everyone is familiar with the festive fare that makes our Christmas dinner one of the most looked-forward to meals of the year. Roast turkey; Yorkshire puddings; Brussels Sprouts; Stuffing; Kilted Sausages; Roast Potatoes; all topped off with seasonal vegetables, lashings of gravy and a generous helping of cranberry sauce. But have you ever wondered what adorns the yuletide platters of our worldwide neighbours on Christmas day? It’s not all turkey you know… 

In Australia Christmas is celebrated at the height of summer, so there is no such thing to an Australian as a white Christmas! Whilst for many years our friends down under followed the English model of the turkey dinner, albeit served with the temperature gauge hitting more than 30 degrees, it has since become more practical with the Christmas picnic of seafood, cold meats, pastas, salads and ice cream taking over and of course, the Aussie outdoor favourite: the barbeque. 

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Danny the Snowman (A Tourettes Guy Dub)

In November 2006, I created a Tourettes Guy dub as a Christmas present to the guys at tourettesguy forums, dubbing over Frosty’s voice with that of the legendary Danny. It was well received, but unfortunately, thanks to an Arrested Development clip on my profile, my profile was wiped out by the copyright piggies, and I lost all of my vids. Thanks to combicrist, who thankfully saved a copy of it, has made it possible for us all to enjoy it again. So for those people who missed this bastardation of a holiday classic, be sure to thank combicrist for reviving it! Just like baby Jesus! :p

The American Santa Claus-What is the history of the American Santa Claus?

I need to know what is What is the history of the American Santa Claus?

I need some quotes about family, sentimental quotes, not funny ones. ?

I am making a christmas craft for my garndmom and I need quotes for the craft. Does anyone have any quotes on familes that they could share? I am looking for sentimental quotes, not funny quotes. thanks!!!

Microsoft Sam, Mary and Mike tell christmas jokes

a late (Or Early?!) Christmas present for all you fans out there!

Little Small Planet Christmas Special.wmv

The Second of Little Small Planet. Funny Christmas events happening to the small people. Including a big potato. Visit our web site at:

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