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Pluto’s Christmas Tree (1952) – [Walt Disney]

Christmas tree decorations 2

Drinking rum and eggnog is good for you while decorating the Christmas tree.

Johnson Family Christmas Dinner

Product Description
The Johnson Family is back!   Christmas is upon us and as the family comes together many spirits will be lifted and lives renewed.  Family conflicts erupt again and major drama ensues.

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Frosty The Snowman Blue Boxers for men – Large

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported

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Would you support the change of Santa Claus Black belt to blue belt?

Well, doing os Santa Claus would get the colors the striped flags colors, and become truthfully an American hero, like Superman, Spider Man, so on.

Any suggestions on quotes for a commemorative plaque?

I’m buying my father a Harley Davidson commemorative Rivet for Christmas for the wall they are building, but I have no idea what to put on it! Any suggestions? It has to be 2 or 3 SHORT lines, and I’m trying to think of something funny, but sweet would work too. Thanks!

The Unwanted Gift

Parker Lee was on stage signing with that voice of his which could make opera arias so special that few would deny that his was talent of a rare kind. It was on this occasion as he sang the role of Othello in the Met that he felt the presence of all those who through out his career had supported him at times even more than he had himself. How this moment was a glorious one for him not only as a professional singer but as a person was something that perhaps only he truly felt though his sister Kim had a hint. As it had been her who through the gift she had given her brother so many years ago had inspired him (perhaps in directly) to become the great opera tenor he now was.


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