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Is it to early to put up my Christmas tree and decorations?

I live in Canada, so thanksgiving has already past. Would it then be reasonable to put decorations today? My family and i just love Christmas.

Avoid glum faces around the Christmas table

All of us have had, at some point in our lives, the dismal experience of cracking open a Christmas cracker and finding that the contents were disappointing.


Filled with badly printed jokes, useless trinkets and, even worse, horrible Christmas hats that do not fit any head, low quality Christmas crackers can lead to some glum faces around the Christmas table.


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Do you lie to your children and tell them Santa Claus exist?

This question is for the righteous right, the doctor Phil wanna be.Do you lie to your children and tell them Santa Claus exist? I think its a bad practice reaaly..

Most people tell their Kids that Santa Claus exist , little people make the toys and also help fabricate them..

The truth is sanata claus is a bif commercial plot and a very expensive one on the back of working parents whom are trying to make the ends meet. Some even goes as to put the bills on credit cards Corporation makes enormous profits during holidays..

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creative christmas gifts for my best friend?!?

okay. i have 2 good friends who im buying gifts for
the 1st one is into funny things, shes not very girly, likes music like the beatles, sweeny todd, clothes, money, random things

2nd one likes girly stuff like clothes, makeup, hair stuff, she also likes music, cds, that sort of thing

so im wondering, whats a creative gift for both of them?
im thinking burning them cds and putting a collage of pictures on the front.
so my price range is around 30-40 dollars
what could i get both of them?

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Classic Cheesy Christmas Cartoons!?

Name One.

Kiss Christmas Special
(unfortunely it does exsist… not just on family guy)

Karate-Christmas Related Jokes?


Needed to make some christmas cards for my karate club members, and was wondering if anyone could think of anything to put on them…pics/cartoons/ideas would also be great!

Many thanks…

Fabulous Christmas Greetings for iPhone and iPod touch

Have you ever felt like playing at Santa Claus but finally dropped the idea because you got entangled in his beard? Fabulous Christmas Greetings, the Christmas Cards’ Wonder, makes your dream come true. Send fabulously funny Christmas Greetings to your friends and beloved, dressed up properly like the real Santa in hats, caps, beards, glasses and lots of other items. Pick from a huge range of Santa accessories to disguise your photo individually, freely and originally. Enjoy this special winter wonder thrill! Available on the iPhone App Store.

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