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Christmas Angel Song

Funny Christmas song. The angel on the Christmas tree has been locked up since January and now she wants revenge. Starring Rachel Bright & Mark Jackson. Acoustic Guitar Simon Duckworth. You can watch a higher quality version and read the ‘Making of’ at: If you enjoy this look up our other Christmas video ‘Little Donkey’ Song Lyrics: CHRISTMAS ANGEL 1. Verse It was Christmas Eve, I was quite merry Id had a few drinks, as is customary. Id had enough watching TV So I looked up and saw the angel on the tree. And I wished her A Merry Christmas (x 2) 2. Verse Then I see something, I dont believe my eyes The angel winked one of its big blue eyes I waved to her, so as not to be rude And she waved back and said How do you do? And she wished me A Merry Christmas (x 2) 3. Verse She said are you the one who puts me here About this time every year? Ive been locked away since January So I have a gift for whoever put me on the tree. So I can have A Merry Christmas (x 2) 4. Verse Dear angel, give your gift to me Im the one who puts you up on the tree Im a simple man not too fussy You can give me cash or jewelry So I can have A Merry Christmas (x 2) 5. Verse As you put me on the Christmas tree Im going to give you what you give to me Then you will know what its like at last To have a pine tree up your arse. And we wish you A Merry Christmas (x 2)

  • jaffarheartsnino11 posted: 03 Nov at 9:24 pm

    lol thats pretty darn funny

  • meadowmovies posted: 03 Nov at 10:06 pm

    Excellent stuff….

    Hey when will we see another full length film ? I seem to remember you doing a trailer once about mobile phone brain control, looked promising..

    p.s. if you ever get chance you could check out my zombabe was a no script spare couple hours bit of family fun type thing. Anyway keep em coming… Tim

  • PrincessAndry posted: 03 Nov at 10:15 pm

    Thankyou very much, I enjoyed your video a lot with the lyrics. I reaffirm you are a genious!

  • jacksonfilm posted: 03 Nov at 11:11 pm

    Thanks for the lovely comment. I’ve posted the full lyrics in the description for you. Merry Christmas

  • PrincessAndry posted: 03 Nov at 11:24 pm

    I love this video! So funny! I read the making of. Rachel Bright is fantastic, her faces are wonderful! Can you post the lyrics please? I can’t understand all the words in the song because I’m not english… Thankyou and Merry Christmas!

  • Felixukr posted: 04 Nov at 12:03 am

    No probs mate! =)

  • jacksonfilm posted: 04 Nov at 12:14 am

    Thanks mate, glad you like ’em

  • Felixukr posted: 04 Nov at 1:07 am

    Cool, Another great vid from you. Little donkey is histericle! =)

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