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Christmas House Decorations | Christmas Tree Pictures

Christmas ornaments and lights add beauty to our Christmas tree. Though traditionally, these have been used as Christmas tree decorations, if you want to make your tree a little different, why not make the decorations revolve around some theme. This would give you great Christmas tree decorating ideas that would give you scope to innovate. Here are some Christmas tree decorating themes to go for:

Snow Theme
Christmas and snow flakes! Not difficult to gel the two, are they? What’s more? With the winter season round the corner, getting ideas to decorate the tree around this theme would not be difficult either. Use white lights, it could be solid or twinkling. Put a couple of snowmen as Christmas tree decorations. Keeping in spirit with the theme, use crystal clear snowflake ornaments. You could also add miniature wooden sleds. Add white glass balls to complete the effect. You would definitely require a tree skirt to keep all those Christmas gifts, won’t you? Go for the pure white one for the snowy effect. Does the winter and ‘snow’ on your Christmas tree remind you of Happy Feet? Add a couple of penguin ornaments riding on snowflakes! You could either use Christmas ornaments or cut pictures of penguins and the snowman.

Angel Theme
Want the Angels to look after you every night? Then why not decorate the Christmas tree on Angel
theme? If it is the angel theme that you choose for your Christmas tree, then it’s best to start looking for creative Christmas tree ornaments. Alternatively, you can cut angel shapes from paper and color them accordingly. Do not forget to hang magic wands. Let them work as you make your wish every night. Let the angels peep at you from the heavens by hanging stars on your tree. This effect can be provided using twinkling white lights.

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