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CHRISTMAS MUSIC LOVERS: when do you start playing your favorite holiday music?

The other day word was getting around work that Christmas was only 3 months away. I absolutely love playing Christmas music and decided to throw in a CD just for one day. I couldn’t believe how many people said they wanted to hear it. When do you start spinning your Santa tunes?

  • Sasha posted: 07 Nov at 7:40 pm

    I dont need to put any on…theyre always playing everywhere I go.

  • Shooting Star posted: 07 Nov at 8:22 pm

    August!!!! Especially because I live in FL i need a little cold mood.

  • lauren [ says RAWR ! ] posted: 07 Nov at 9:11 pm

    November is when they don’t get turned off, but every now and then I put in a Christmas CD. I don’t care about the season or month.

  • tavytillytoby posted: 07 Nov at 9:49 pm

    lol star for you. i thought i started listening to it early by starting the week of thanksgiving.

  • My Voice Resides posted: 07 Nov at 10:30 pm

    around october.In alabama the start playing the songs around november.I like the feel of chritmas making its way slowly………

  • Maid_Maria1 posted: 07 Nov at 10:56 pm

    Around the middle/end of November. Once we got my Dad’s birthday, Halloween and Bonfire Night over in my family we start getting festive! XD

  • Julie6962 posted: 07 Nov at 10:56 pm

    I refuse to play Christmas music until AFTER Thanksgiving. I like to give each holiday my full attention and the respect it deserves and not water it down by paying attention to other holidays before their time.

  • Shell from a beach <3. posted: 07 Nov at 11:26 pm

    December. Before then, by christmas the tines seem less festive and special, lol.

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