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Christmas present for husband who has EVERYTHING!! Help!?

my husband is the type of guy who will buy what he wants for himself so i’m running out of ideas as to what to get him.
he already has or i have already given him:

– diamond cufflinks
– new dress shoes
– new belts
– new jacket
– a set of martini glasses
– all the products you could possibly imagine for his favourite team
– t shirts with funny sayings
– a book of coupons for various treats (sexy ones AND everday ones!)
– new work clothes (shirts and ties)
– ipod for working out
– a ‘men’s package’ from a spa

he’s not into games like xbox etc, we are going away to thailand so already having a trip away, we have both put on some weight so i don’t particularly want to make him his fave biscuits, cakes etc so am REALLY stuck!

any creative ideas??

  • Major Depression posted: 07 Nov at 8:47 pm

    Sounds like he’s a bit like myself… One of the best birthday gifts that I’ve received was a Mont Blanc fountain pen; a 146 Starwalker tuxedo/pinstripe black to be exact, I thought I had everything and am told that I’m difficult to shop for, but if your husband is into diamond cuff links and world crossing holidays, then perhaps he is into the finest writing instruments? I know I was pleasantly surprised! I’d recommend a Mont Blanc.

  • Wolf posted: 07 Nov at 9:38 pm

    Get him a all nighter with a hot girl.

  • dis_orient_ed posted: 07 Nov at 10:15 pm

    three-kamon kimono

  • chefgrille posted: 07 Nov at 10:34 pm

    My husband’s a bit of a weather geek, so his favorite thing has been a digital weather station. It’s mostly a clock, but has the indoor/outdoor temps on it and the phases of the moon.

    This year I’m getting him one of those digital photo frames that plays mp3’s. We’re so far from our grandkids and he’s always looking at their pics on the computer.

  • James W posted: 07 Nov at 11:33 pm

    Hi Misha,

    Great to know that you have already given him so nice and beautiful gifts. I suggest you to give a very unique show piece. It will be different
    christmas gift for him.

    You can also take christmas gifting ideas from

  • Mana posted: 08 Nov at 12:00 am

    MP3 Players
    Digital Camera
    Cell Phones
    Video Games

    This site have many Christmas gifts for 2008, maybe can help you.

    Hope this help.

  • Cyn posted: 08 Nov at 12:42 am

    gym eqipment for the both of you, gym membership. Set up something in Thailand like water skiing or w/e you’d do in the sex slavery capital of the world….seriously if your not Thai then why go there?
    cocktail guide
    since he likes dressing fancy what about a pocket watch in-graved with something meaningful?

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