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Merry Christmas from the Poodles

I ran out of time to do anything more elaborate this year, but wanted to get up *something* in time. Stay tuned for a ‘winter season’ film later on, featuring most – if not all – of the APAW Poodles! Charlie, the cream male, is 5 y/o and a ‘demo’ Service Dog for American Poodles At Work. Harmony, the blue female, just turned 2 y/o and is finishing-up her training as a ‘demo’ dog and is learning about various scent-work as well. Music is ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies’, produced by Kevin MacLeod ( – Thanks! 🙂

  • LicensedToKillU posted: 06 Nov at 9:36 pm

    sis ask me to ask u something she wants to know what is that dry that they use on dogs fur? so she can do red, green and white. Also is it safe she is thinking about just doing the feet of th edog only

  • MrsPoodlelover posted: 06 Nov at 10:16 pm

    What a lovely video, my poodle was watching and wanting to join in.

  • cleverpets posted: 06 Nov at 10:19 pm

    Awsome video! Really cute! Congratulations!

  • bocafa posted: 06 Nov at 10:37 pm

    I”m sorry: now I realise you do’nt read Dutch! You have wonderful poodles! I’m teaching my Poodle Beer to get a serving and seizuredog together with a special dogschool: Bulters+Mekke.
    Lovely greetings from bocafa (youtube-name) = Jeannette and a hug from Beer to you poodles!
    Charlie is a good serving dog and he likes to do it; you can see it!

  • bocafa posted: 06 Nov at 11:28 pm

    Geweldig hoe deze twee poedels zich vermaken met een slinger! Zijn het allebei koningspoedels? Ik heb een zwarte koningspoedel (reu) en leid hem met hulp van Bulters + Mekke op tot hulphond en epilepsiehond. Geweldig slim zijn poedels; mijn favoriete hond!
    Bocafa (Youtubenaam) groetjes van Jeannette en een poot van Beer aan jouw mooie poedels

  • combatvetlawstudent posted: 07 Nov at 12:03 am

    too cuute!

  • lolainaus posted: 07 Nov at 12:28 am

    What talent!!!! I smiled continuously, these two gorgeouses are wonderful and love your humour with the outtakes. Thank you and happy new year!

  • anurturedsoul posted: 07 Nov at 1:06 am

    Excellent! Your dogs are beautiful and talented. I loved the outtakes!

  • specialpets4 posted: 07 Nov at 2:03 am

    Great movie, My pup Evy love it to. It was very sweet tot see how she look at the movie!!!

  • loveofeathers posted: 07 Nov at 2:29 am

    Beautiful, I loved it. Your poodles are beautiful.

  • poodleitdotcom posted: 07 Nov at 2:38 am

    Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for creating this wonderful Greeting.

  • YoYoPoodle posted: 07 Nov at 3:18 am

    tkkennels, the song is ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies’, produced by Kevin MacLeod – link in the description 🙂

  • Debbi3053 posted: 07 Nov at 3:32 am

    That was darling! Merry Christmas!

  • HawkPeaceBird posted: 07 Nov at 3:45 am

    To Charlie, Harmony, and Jillian too; Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year, from Jet & Abbey, and our human Mommy, (Diana Dove) too;)

  • Spritedog100 posted: 07 Nov at 3:58 am

    That is soooo cool!!

  • SullivanOlssen posted: 07 Nov at 4:57 am

    Absolutely phenomenal! Adorable doggies! Merry Christmas Charlie and Harmony (and of course Jillian too, LOL)!

  • poodlephilelucy posted: 07 Nov at 5:16 am


  • tkkennels posted: 07 Nov at 5:21 am

    that was great and so cute whats this song called

  • YoYoPoodle posted: 07 Nov at 5:50 am

    Harmony is actually 2 years old – she’s a bit on the small side (42 lbs) 🙂

  • YoYoPoodle posted: 07 Nov at 6:23 am

    Both 😉 Charlie generally prefers turning to his right, but when he holds something in his mouth it seems that his preference changes… he looks smoother when I tell him to go left.

  • sandychanchan04 posted: 07 Nov at 6:45 am

    pretty good dance,is the black poodle a standard poodle puppy?

  • DogsAreMyBestFriends posted: 07 Nov at 6:57 am

    Aww, the poodles are soo cute!! Love the video!! 5*s!!!

  • auntielulu52366 posted: 07 Nov at 7:50 am

    are those right circles or left? or some of both!


  • fickla01 posted: 07 Nov at 8:41 am

    super cute! and i think you cast their roles perfectly 🙂 I look forward to the winter film with all the poodles!

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