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My Christmas Gifts 2008

These are the christmas gifts I got for 2008.

  • coolmangoop8 posted: 03 Nov at 8:32 pm

    nice guitard

  • nintendoor1 posted: 03 Nov at 8:51 pm

    ur fuckin lucky dude,prob never worked a day in ur life,and u get a 600 dollar guitar

  • seeker292 posted: 03 Nov at 9:20 pm

    @seeker292 oh yeah i also have a jackson rr ps3 with semore duncan pickups its a metal macine

  • seeker292 posted: 03 Nov at 10:16 pm

    @karterphil my rzr back is a 2009 with a floyd rose whammy, and the mustang is olde rthan the gibson so i think its like a 64 or somethin it was my dads when he was a kid same with thegibson les paul

  • karterphil posted: 03 Nov at 10:24 pm

    @seeker292 its a 58, nice mustang and rzrback

  • seeker292 posted: 03 Nov at 11:10 pm

    @stacker97 very nice guitar

  • seeker292 posted: 04 Nov at 12:05 am

    @karterphil same here dude what year is yours? i also have a dean rzrback and a jackson rhoads and a fender mustang

  • karterphil posted: 04 Nov at 12:14 am

    i also play guitar and have a true gibson les paul hot rod edition, limited edition.
    bought it for around £3299 or $6899. but the epiphone les pauls are fairly good too.

  • dude23624 posted: 04 Nov at 12:49 am

    i got got a epiphone les paul silverburst its really nice im gonna make a review on it soon, but i like yours too

  • mintyfreshh12 posted: 04 Nov at 1:12 am

    oh ok haha

  • stacker97 posted: 04 Nov at 1:46 am

    lol yea i no i just could not read it when i was looking through the camera lmao

  • mintyfreshh12 posted: 04 Nov at 2:03 am

    do you even know how to read

  • amyroxyy posted: 04 Nov at 2:41 am

    holy shit thats a fucking sick ass guitar!

  • stacker97 posted: 04 Nov at 2:42 am

    thanx man

  • chichican posted: 04 Nov at 2:45 am

    nice guitar!

  • Mome34 posted: 04 Nov at 3:35 am

    i have that exact same guitar and case, but the frets are dots, not bars

  • Mome34 posted: 04 Nov at 4:10 am


  • thesuperfilms posted: 04 Nov at 4:29 am

    i hate it when someone who doesnt play guitar gets a guitar worth about 650 dollars, My ephipone les paul was 550 because it didnt have the stripes.

  • thesuperfilms posted: 04 Nov at 4:36 am

    your the first kid on youtube who isnt completely spoiled on christmas

  • DarkRebel7575 posted: 04 Nov at 5:02 am

    me 2 lmafao its just sitting there, i took up the saxophone instead

  • MBvolcom92 posted: 04 Nov at 5:02 am

    its pronounced epiphone, not efifone

  • BackwardHatsRule posted: 04 Nov at 5:56 am

    I have the exact same guitar

  • MrHaga3 posted: 04 Nov at 6:12 am

    actually my dad as one so yeah

  • AIRMAN1479 posted: 04 Nov at 6:46 am

    i got a guitar but ai cant play it lol

  • stacker97 posted: 04 Nov at 7:28 am

    thats fine

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