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Santa?s Sat Nav – Postcode Lookup Service Used by Father Christmas

It was the night before Christmas…..and Santa was in a real flap! The elves were behind schedule with the last of the toys, which were usually all neatly wrapped and packed on the sleigh by now. Rudolph, whose red nose acted as Santa’s state of the art sat nav system had already handed in a sick note and said he couldn’t work on Christmas Eve because of a terrible bout of flu!

Mr Claus had been in conference with the other reindeer and whilst Dasher and Dancer had been keen to give the whole guidance system a try, neither really possessed the skills or the nose of Rudolph. Blitzen meanwhile, suggested that Santa should perhaps have a word with Mrs Claus, as she had always proved to be a good problem solver.

Over a large mug of hot chocolate, Santa and his wife ran through the options. Santa winced every time he heard a loud crash coming from the workshop. The elves had never been under this much pressure before and Santa was determined his immaculate standards wouldn’t slip.

Fortunately, a Mrs Claus brainwave was going to come to the rescue once more. She suggested that Santa take his lap top on his round the world trip the next day and have some of the elves along for the journey. While he was busy sliding down chimneys and polishing of mince pies, they could be busy typing in the postcodes of all the children, using the handy online postcode lookup service.

Santa Claus laughed a jolly “Ho Ho Ho,” thanked Mrs Claus for the hot chocolate and the genius idea and rushed back to tell the relieved reindeer, who all cheered in delight, their collar bells ringing a magical Christmas tune. Santa went back to the warehouse with a festive spring in his step to help the elves, who, having been buoyed by the news of the postcode lookup service had everything under control again and were almost finished. Christmas had been saved!

Santa mused to himself and realised he could also use this life saving postcode thing to help with all the mail he sends out to children every year, that way none of the mail would ever get lost and all of the kids would receive letters from Santa, which he knew they loved so much! Merry Christmas!

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