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So many children wrote a letter to so-called Santa Claus to differentdesignated addresses across the globe.?

Now, there is a paid-service that let parents of children to
‘personalized’ a letter and send the personalized letter to their
children on the ‘behalf’ of the Santa Claus. But, of course, the
children does not know that the parents is behind the act. The
children would believe that the letter is from the Santa Claus.

Now, this is just like when parents left cookies and milk on Christmas
eve and remove it next morning to stage that the Santa Claus came to
their house. Or these days parents could even buy a kit full of
Santa’s personal stuff like Santa Claus Driving License ID. Parents
could buy these kits and left ‘traces’ that Santa came to the house.
Of course, when children found these traces, they really believe Santa
Claus was here!

Now the question is: Is this moral (or is it ethical?) from a business
point of view?
Should business engage in these business – providing service and good
that let parent stage that Santa Claus is real? What’s your personal opinion?

  • sothisislife posted: 01 Nov at 9:31 pm

    It is not ethical to profit from the urban legend of Santa Claus. However, I must say, the letters I got from this service (yes I wrote to Santa when I was young) kept me believing until I was nearly 10 years old, and that, in all honesty, made me a better person. Why would you do something bad if Santa’s watching….?

  • jramp01 posted: 01 Nov at 9:43 pm

    From a business point-of-view, I approve. There is no harm to be done, for, from a business point-of-view, there is virtually no ethics involved (personal opinion).

  • posted: 01 Nov at 10:12 pm

    I don’t know and really don’t care.

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