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Where to Have Your Office Christmas Party

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when hosting an office Christmas party is where to have your annual event. The location is probably one of the most important aspects that will entice your work mates to come, so it has to be easy to get to by everyone, have disabled access (if needed), be a big enough venue – and of course be classy. If you have your heart set on a theme, this may make the decision very easy indeed.

Hotels and Conference Halls

Both very popular for office Christmas parties as they have plenty of space for all the guests and probably, their families too.  It means you can make a real event out of it and invite everyone.  Hotels and conference halls also have the facilities to cater for a Christmas party, such as space for dance floors, DJ’s, tables, the bar and the food (buffet or three course meal).Unlike most locations, there are not many restrictions on what you can organise for an office Christmas party. Moreover, they are likely to be close to a good transport link and have rooms available or be close to somewhere to sleep.

A Day out

An office Christmas party does not necessarily have to be just an evening event. Many office staff are these days opting for the more adventurous and elongated Christmas party, which can be hosted over a day or even weekend. Weekends away in the countryside are becoming popular, as many manor houses now host murder mystery weekends and other such games for office related parties. Furthermore, spas, health and fitness centers, night clubs and bowling alleys are popular venues for Christmas party events, which can host activities that are relaxing or a little more strenuous.

Make a Meal of it

The restaurant these days is not only for couples to snuggle together on Valentine’s day, as many restaurants now offer private hire of the venue or to book large parties. Private hire is most appropriate for bigger office Christmas parties and the main benefit is that there may be an a la carte menu for private hire, which costs less than food off the usual menu.  If your Christmas party is a small group, instead book a table.

The Office

An alternative, if your budget is tight or you don’t have much time to organise is to have the party in a communal space in the office. The advantage is that you can host a lunch time party, rather than a whole party. It not only lessens the cost, but also cuts down the hours you spend organising a party. Although not lavish, free food will probably entice most of the staff.

If you are interested in office Christmas parties for your office this Christmas, have a look at what have to offer.

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