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Very soft and good. :)

Good, warm, and cozy. I'm glad I bought this.

Plain and simple, perfect!

Works even better than expected, great "holes" to stick your hands in to switch wet/dry laundry. Cozy and chill at the same time, love the color and that it functions as both a towel and a beach towel. Convenient to be able to let go of the towel and still have towel functionality ✌🏻I actually bike in it to/from the local beach 😁👏🏻 Recommended!!

Good as gold!

Couldn't be more satisfied with the poncho! Chose the largest size (in adult size), and my 10 and 11-year-old kids love using them!


Very satisfied


Practical and very comfortable.
Summer version of happy hoodie - where you live is plagued.

Cool, comfortable to wear, and absorbent

Bought these for the whole family. The girl is about 135cm and got size 6-12 years. It fit great. A favorite for young and old.

Men's Tropical Kiwi Lounge Set
Trond R.B.

We love the summer set! 🥝👏🏼

most delightful

Lovely to wear. Good and warm. Central Perk. Friends.

Warm, fluffy, soft, and super sweet.

This onesie is super fluffy soft and keeps you comfortably warm. The cozy material is both on the outside and inside, and the cute ears and pom-pom tail are perfect additions.

Yellow HappyHoodie
June t.B.g.

Great favorite

Good and warm on a cold evening.

Good and warm and deliciously soft.

Super comfortable in terms of fabric, visually a real eye-catcher.

One starts, everyone else wants to join in.

I am an extreme cold person and already freeze at temperatures under 30°C. Since April, I regularly sleep in the garden (of course without heating) and sit outside on the terrace until late at night, so I needed something that would keep me warmer than five jackets layered on top of each other. Now, at 2°C, I am sitting on the terrace, relaxed and not freezing, wearing a thin sweater and a hoodie on top. My family was convinced that "we don't need something like that" until we sat in the garden and I was the only one who was warm and cozy. So, I am now ordering another one for myself, and of course, one for my mother and my sister (who supposedly don't need something like this ;D) because suddenly they became jealous. This thing keeps me so warm, it is super cozy, and what I like best is that it is not too tight around the armpits, so if it is really chilly outside, you can still wear other clothes underneath :) Thank you for no longer having to be the one who complains about being cold when it's below 20°C :)

Sherpa happy hoodie

Absolutely fantastic beautiful hoodie. Lightweight, warm, and cozy 🥰

Perfect gift.

Well liked by everyone in the family. Perfect as a gift too! 🤩

Loveliest hoodie

The most delicious and cuddly Moomin case 😍 lovely, big and comfortable....
Now the kids also want hoodies like that 🫶🏼


Such a sweet and lovely cozy sweater 🥰 I love it.


So lovely - I've almost been living in it since it arrived 🤩

Moomin ♡

Great, delicious sweater, soft and good and cheap😁


It is just so good and soft. So delightful 😊 Love this 💕

5 pieces of hoodies

Fast and efficient delivery.


Best pajamas I've ever had 🤩

Cosy, soft, good size 188. Bought large.

Polar Bear Suit

Soft, nice bear suit that was appreciated by the birthday child! Fast and easy delivery.

He is on fire.

My husband was very happy about these when he was going on an Easter trip. It's fun when you can actually be Easter-happy about a pair of underwear.
Good, soft, and extra HOT! 🔥🔥🔥