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What is a Christmas sweater?

Many people might ask themselves what a Christmas sweater is, since it is a fairly new thing.

A Christmas sweater is a regular sweater, preferably a knitted sweater, with Christmas motives that you wear before and during Christmas.

A traditional Christmas sweater should have a touch of ugliness to it, to be categorized as a true ugly Christmas sweater.

Nowadays, the Christmas sweaters have evolved, and light up sweaters, sweaters with speakers and other effects have become more and more popular

In our webshop you will find traditional Christmas sweaters based on local traditions, as well as more modern sweaters with LED-lights and speakers.

How did the ugly Christmas sweater tradition start?

To answer this question, we have to go back to the 80s. A decade where lots of crazy fashion trends appeared like neon colors and way too much hair spray.

And in the middle of it all, Christmas sweaters started appearing.

Movie actors and TV-show hosts started to dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters.

The sweaters they wore was a mix of the traditional home knitted sweaters in different colors and “over the top” sweaters. More is more, and less is a bore!

Still, it took several years before the trend really took off.

… and then came the 2000s

At the beginning of the 2000s, some friends in Canada decided to buy some vintage Christmas sweaters, and wear them for fun.

They arranged a party for friends and family, where everyone had to wear an ugly Christmas sweater to attend.

Today, the event that started as a party for friends and family, has evolved to something much bigger. In Vancouver, where it all started, there are more than 1000 participants to the ugly Christmas sweater party each year, arranged in Commodore Ballrom.

It didn’t take long before big retailers like Hennes & Mauritz (HM), Cubus, Zara and Zalando started selling Christmas sweaters, and today people all over the world wear ugly, funny and edgy sweaters for Christmas parties.

What is “The official Christmas sweater day”?

Having a “Christmas sweater day” at the office or with friends, has become more and more popular in recent years.

Some people at your office or in your family always love to dress up in funny costumes. And maybe you do to? To have a Christmas sweater day at the office or with friends is an excellent way to prepare for the Christmas holidays.

Every year there is a world-wide offical “Christmas sweater day”, celebrated on the 3rd Friday of December. More and more companies are jumping on this trend, and if our office does not celebrate the official Christmas sweater day, maybe you can start the tradition?

This year's official Christmas sweater day is friday the 20th of December. Do you have your sweater ready?

Christmas sweaters for everyone!

We sell Christmas sweaters for the whole family. Christmas sweater for women, men, small children, bigger children… we even have Christmas sweaters for your dog!

Our Christmas sweaters for men are perfect for a night out, or at a dinner party with your in-laws.

Our collection of Christmas sweaters for women can be worn at both the Christmas sweater day at your office and at every Christmas party you are attending this season.

Light up Christmas sweaters are getting more and more popular, and with our huge selection we will guarantee you that you'll find something you like!

Family Christmas Cards

Gather your whole family, dress up in matching Christmas sweaters and make the perfect Christmas card!

If you want something else than Christmas sweaters, you should check out our Christmas pajamas. The perfect outfit for lazy mornings watching Christmas movies.

Our Christmas pajamas comes as pajamas sets and as onesies.

If you think Christmas sweaters and pajamas is not formal enough, you should check out our Christmas suits!

Facts about our Christmas sweater

All our Christmas sweaters are designed by us, and they are only sold through our online shop.

The sweaters are machine knitted in soft acrylic.

Our Christmas sweaters are inspected and tested before we send them out to our customers. Since we started in 2016, we have sold more than 50 000 Christmas sweaters!

Do you only sell Christmas sweaters?

No, we sell all kinds of Christmas clothing. Our matching Christmas pajamas for men, women and kids is getting more and more popular.

In addition to sweaters, pajamas, t-shirts and suits, we have a large selection of different accessories to make your Christmas party even better!

What about some flashing reindeer antlers or a Christmas hat?

Christmas sweaters in 2020

Since the Christmas sweater trend started, the sweaters themselves have evolved.

Now, in 2020, sweaters with LED-lights, sound and other effects are the most popular ones. Our light-up Christmas sweaters have a detachable battery pack that makes it possible to machine wash the sweaters without problems.

If you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us and we will help you as soon as we can!