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    Set the scene and turn your home into a magical winter wonderland with our incredible collection of Christmas stockings.

    Choose from old-timey needlepoint, nordic prints, luxurious velvet, embroidered linen, and cozy chunky knits to spruce up your interior with a touch of festive flair.

    Hang them on your staircase, mantel, or bedpost, and embrace the Christmas stocking tradition in style.

    Whatever you pick, you'll receive plenty of compliments from friends, family, and unexpected guests - there’s always one!

    What Are Christmas Stockings?

    A decorative sock-shaped gift bag, these aren’t the kind of stockings you wear on a night out with the gals. Not unless you want to get funny stares - or a foot full of blisters!

    Often made out of red velvet and faux fur, today you can find burlap, felt, sequin, needlepoint, and modern knit Christmas stockings in homes all over the world.

    They come in all shapes and sizes and are available in plain, patterned, and embroidered designs. Pick from Santa, penguins, unicorns, Moomins, and more!

    You can use them as Christmas decor or stuff them full of small toys, candy, fruits, coins, and anything you can fit. Fingers crossed, no shiny lump of coal!

    Traditionally hung on Christmas Eve or Saint Nicholas Day. Nowadays, people use them all holiday long to build anticipation in the countdown to Christmas.

    The Origin of Christmas Stockings

    Not just for show, Christmas stockings are a fun tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

    But just like Santa himself, the true origin of the Christmas stocking is shrouded in mystery.

    And depending on where you’re from, the story of how this ritual began changes like the winds of time.

    Gold Coins, Wet Socks, and a Charitable Gesture

    According to popular legend, the origin of the Christmas stocking started with old Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), the patron saint of Children!

    The story goes that after staying at the home of a kind, but penniless family, he left behind three bags of gold - one for each daughter.

    By chance, one bag fell into a stocking that was hung out by the fireplace to dry. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    From then on, people started leaving their socks and shoes by the chimney on Christmas Eve, hoping to find them full of gold, gifts, and treats.

    During the 1800s, this practice became immortalized thanks to the poem, The Night Before Christmas, by Clement Clarke Moore.

    Although back then, people had to settle for their dad’s smelly old socks!

    Boots, Carrots, and a Norse Deity

    A lesser-known belief centers around Odin, a mystical figure from old European folklore.

    Children would leave their boots full of carrots, sugar, and straw by the fire to feed Odin’s flying horse, Sleipnir.

    In turn, their kindness was repaid with gifts, candy, and toys.

    Traditional Christmas Stocking Fillers and Their Meanings

    Typically filled with chocolate, toys, and candy, there’s hidden meaning behind some of those Christmas Stocking stuffers.

    Chocolate Coins

    Inspired by the tale of Saint Nicholas, Xmas stockings are often stuffed with gold chocolate coins.

    The chocolate coins represent the money given to the poor man and his three daughters.


    Some claim it was gold balls, not coins, left by Saint Nick on that fateful day.

    As you can imagine, gold balls weren’t easy (or cheap) to get hold of, so this spherical fruit was used in its place.

    And until modern times, the orange itself was a rarity and thought of as a treat. As such, popcorn balls were sometimes used instead.

    Candy Canes

    A popular Saint Nicholas Day custom, this cane-shaped candy is said to represent the bishop crozier (staff) used by Saint Nicholas.


    Inspired by stories of Krampus and La Befana, this tradition helped keep mischievous children in line.

    And if you were naughty, you’d get a lump of coal and no presents on Christmas Day.

    In the old days, coal was commonly used to heat homes, making it a convenient item to put into your kids’ Christmas stockings.

    Hanging Our Christmas Stockings

    Coordinate, contrast, mix, and match! We have fun seasonal colors, tasteful neutral tones, and matching vintage designs to facilitate some serious yuletide vibes.

    Avoid damaging your carefully chosen interiors by getting yourself one of our Christmas stocking hangers.

    Available in gold or silver, they let you use bookcases, windowsills, old ladders, and banisters without drilling a hole.

    Use the hanging tape to keep it in place, or utilize the screw hole to make it more secure.

    All our Christmas stockings have a convenient loop. Use a hook or hang it on your tree, coat rack, or door.

    Wherever you hang it, our range of luxurious Christmas stockings will help Christmasify your place and put a smile on your face.

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