Kids' Christmas Sweaters

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    Make this holiday one they’ll never forget with our assortment of kids' Christmas sweaters.

    We have a tremendous selection of knitwear to satisfy your toddlers, tweens, teens, and everything in between.

    Choose from cute elves, pink unicorns, festive dinos, and jolly snowmen. If it’s Christmassy, we’ve got it! Even grandma will be impressed.

    It’s the ideal gift for boys, girls, friends, and family members. They’re warm, cozy, and washable too! Perfect for sticky little fingers and snot-filled noses.

    Kids’ National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

    Are you and your kids ready for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day? Let us help!

    Celebrated on the third Friday of December, it combines everyone’s favorite time of year with a non-uniform day.

    Let them pick their own holiday sweater, or surprise them with their favorite Christmas characters. It’s an excellent excuse to dress your kids in some adorable, festive, and matching holiday outfits before they get too old and cool.

    Best of all, it’s for a good cause.

    Make the World Better With a Sweater

    Organized by Save the Children, this charitable campaign allows your kids to let loose and raise some money in the process.

    To participate, all your kids need to do is register and wear an ugly Christmas sweater to school - easy! Honestly, the hardest thing will be getting them to change out of their new pullover before bedtime looms.

    National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a great way to teach your kids about the joys of giving while also having fun. That’s what Christmas is about, after all.

    So don’t forget to save the date! And make sure that you and your little ones have an ugly Christmas sweater in time for the big day.

    Psst! It’s for adults too.

    Throwing a Kids’ Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

    The Christmas holidays are almost here, which means your little terrors are off school. So why not start a new holiday tradition and throw your very own ugly Christmas sweater party to keep them entertained?

    Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions.

    Invitations and Dress Code

    Make your own or buy some readymade Christmas cards. Let people know when to save the date. Plus, take the opportunity to tell them what they need to bring and wear - strictly ugly Christmas sweaters, of course! The crazier and uglier the better.

    Food and Refreshments

    Christmas is the perfect time to host a kids’ holiday party. The stores are full of fun and festive-themed snacks and foods.

    For beverages, think peppermint hot chocolate, warm apple cider, and gingerbread lattes - without the alcohol and caffeinated coffee, duh! That’s strictly for the moms and dads.

    Games and Activities

    There are plenty of fun and ugly sweater-themed activities to keep both adults and kids amused.

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition

    What kids’ ugly Christmas party would be complete without a competition or two? Have different categories and prizes, including participation awards, to ensure everyone goes home happy. Extra points for interactive holiday sweaters!

    Gingerbread House and Cookie Decorating

    Kids, sugar, and excessive amounts of icing - what could go wrong? Let them go wild or add some motivation by giving out prizes. Don’t worry. All of our kids’ Christmas sweaters are fully machine washable.

    Christmas Movie Screening

    Nothing says Christmas like watching a bunch of holiday movies. It’s also a savvy way to create some quiet downtime.

    Our holiday favorites include - The Grinch, Frozen, Polar Express, Home Alone, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Our holiday sweaters are so warm and comfy, they won’t dare move.

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Booth

    Capture the moment and put it on a Christmas card. It’s the perfect party memento for parents to cherish - and embarrass their kids in their teens.

    Hang a backdrop and give out some props to help set the idyllic Christmas scene. Not only will it keep them occupied, but it’ll also immortalize your kids wearing an array of funny and ugly Christmas sweaters - how cute!

    Matching Adult and Kids’ Christmas Sweaters

    Don’t let your kids have all the fun. Our range of kids’ Christmas sweaters comes in both adult and kids' sizes - from 1 year to 14 years old.

    Mix, match, and spread some joy. We have light-up, glitter, and even glow-in-the-dark Christmas sweaters to please the pickiest of children. Create a delightful Christmas card or go caroling as a family.

    Everything is made using high-quality yarn, so you know that our kids’ Christmas sweaters will last for years to come.

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