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    When the weather’s got you feeling down, turn that frown around with our heavenly HappyHoodies.

    Soft as a cloud and made for snuggling, this wearable blanket is the perfect winter warmer whatever your weekend plans.

    We’ve got patterned, plain, and textured designs to escape the cold in style - oh, snap!

    Come rain or shine, our selection of ultra-soft, oversized blanket hoodies is here to save the day - and money on your heating bill!

    What Is a HappyHoodie?

    A mix between a wearable blanket and a giant hooded sweatshirt, the HappyHoodie (or Oodie) is the ultimate in comfy wear.

    Choose from different sizes, colors, patterns, and styles to suit people of every age.

    The massive hood and cozy fabric ensure you’re warm from your head down to your toes.

    Store your snacks, lip balm, or the TV remote. The large kangaroo pocket is perfect for warming up hands and stowing away those vital winter essentials.

    Classic HappyHoodies

    Available in plain or patterned designs, our original HappyHoodie is double-layered for extra warmth.

    Plush fleece on the outside and fluffy Sherpa fleece on the inside, it'll retain heat and keep you cozy no matter how dark and gloomy it gets outside.

    Ever since we launched the HappyHoodie in 2020, it’s fast become one of our bestselling lines. And once you buy one, you’ll soon find out why!

    Sherpa HappyHoodies

    At the first sign of frost, our fuzzy Sherpa HappyHoodies have your back.

    Like our classic HappyHoodies, they feature a hood, large pocket, and oversized design.

    But instead of a plush fleece exterior, it’s made entirely out of cushy Sherpa fabric, inside and out. It also features a stylish half zip for when things get a little too toasty.

    The subdued pastel tones and woolly exterior will make you look like a live-action teddy bear caught in mid-hibernation.

    Limited Edition HappyHoodies

    For kids and the young at heart, we have a selection of movie and toon-themed HappyHoodies for chilly snow days and family watch-a-thons.

    Escape the cold and spend the day with Batman, Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny, and Little My.

    Our collection of limited edition HappyHoodies grows bigger by the day. So check back and see if your favorite character has been added to our expanding range.

    Everything’s Better With a HappyHoodie!

    Throw it over your favorite pajamas or match it with a pair of leggings. Our HappyHoodies make for a winning team.

    Versatile and super comfy, wear them around the house, on long road trips, or while camping in the wild. Whatever the occasion, they’ll keep you warm and give you all the feels.

    The perfect winter pick-me-up, they make excellent gifts for you, your family, and your friends.

    Get a HappyHoodie and Enjoy That Tight Hug Feeling

    There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and surrounding yourself with the comfiest fabric on the planet!

    And with a HappyHoodie in your closet, you know that you’ve got winter beat.

    Made using super-soft Sherpa and cuddly fleece, wearing a HappyHoodie is like getting a warm, comforting hug!

    Whatever you pick, let our HappyHoodies engulf you like a furry cocoon. You’ll emerge from the winter cold like a beautiful butterfly, refreshed and ready to face the world - just you see.

    Oh, and did we forget to mention? All our HappyHoodies are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

    So you can rest assured that no sheep (or teddy bears) were harmed in the making of our oversized wearable security blanket - the HappyHoodie.

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