Light Up Christmas Sweaters

What could possibly be more fun than a Christmas sweater? A Christmas sweater with flashing lights, of course. We have a large selection of light up Christmas sweaters that flash between a wide range of beautiful colors, and will make sure you will be the center of attention at every Ugly Christmas Sweater party you plan to attend this season!

Make people smile with our light up Christmas sweaters

If you are looking for an outfit that will make people smile wherever you go, then this collection is just what you need. There is not much, if anything, that can match a light up Christmas sweater at a party. Go grab a cup of hot chocolate and scroll through our collection of LED-light sweaters, and daydream about your next Christmas party!

If you are in doubt whether you should get a light up sweater or not, you should remember that December is a month with way too little daylight. Some artificial lightning makes life so much better! 

Frequently asked questions about our light up sweaters

Are the light up Christmas sweaters washable?

Yes they are! The sweaters can be machine washed, just remember to detach the battery pack before washing it.

Does it come with batteries?

No, our sweaters are not shipped with batteries. They use 2x CR2032 batteries, that can be bought in almost every shop.

Does the light bulbs get warm?

No! The lights are LED-lights, so they don't get warm. The light bulbs are small and see-through so when the lights are turned off you can barely notice them.

Are you still in doubt whether a light up Christmas sweater is something for you or not? It's ok. Not everyone likes to be the center of attention. But don't worry, we have a huge collection of Christmas sweaters without lights that you can choose from.