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    Cookies, candy canes, gingerbread houses, and fairy lights. These are just a few of the things that make Christmas, well, Christmas! 

    And while everyone has their own way to celebrate, one thing we can all agree on, is that the holidays wouldn’t be complete without an utterly hideous ugly Christmas sweater.

    Luckily, we have a vast selection of gaudy, garish, and ghastly pullovers to entice you this holiday season. 

    We have everything from tatted Santas to festive dinos in an array of adult and kids sizes. 

    Choose from flashing lights, witty slogans, offensive colors, busy patterns, and baubles galore. At SillySanta, there’s no limit to our madness! 

    But what sets our ugly Christmas sweater range apart from the traditional? Let us explain.

    What Makes a Christmas Sweater, Ugly? 

    You’ve probably seen an ugly Christmas sweater before. Maybe it was your corny Uncle, quirky co-worker, or best friend showing off as usual. Now, it’s your turn to up the ante.

    But what’s the secret behind the ugliest of ugly Christmas sweaters? 

    Flashing LED Lights

    When it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters, more is definitely better. And what finer way to make a scene than sending grandpa to the ER?! Our light-up sweaters help you transform into a walking, talking, interactive light display - One that’s bright and colorful enough to cause a seizure (although, not really). 

    Glow in the Dark

    If the thought of stocking up on batteries makes you groan, a glow-in-the-dark Christmas sweater is a great way to go. It’s ideal for kids’ sleepovers and late-night soirées. Just think twice before wearing it to that surprise party - no matter how well you hide, you’ll undoubtedly give the game away. 

    3D Elements & Detachable Parts

    A true ugly Christmas sweater uses anything and everything to send you into sensory overload. Think pom poms, ruffles, bows, garlands, ornaments, collars, velcro balls, and anything else you can get your hands on. And just like that, you’ll end up with a nightmare-fueled ugly sweater to rival all that came before it. 

    Garish Colors 

    Is it even a Christmas sweater if it doesn’t include a dizzying amount of clashing colors? Red, green, white, blue, yellow, or even pink. It should have at least three, minimum. Whatever your preference, this is an area you absolutely shouldn’t skimp on. 

    Busy Patterns

    Inspired by classic Fair Isle and your grandma’s old knits, our ugly Christmas sweaters are far from traditional! Cluttered, busy, and full of Christmassy motifs (and beer), it’s enough to give anyone a headache.

    All Things Glitter

    Add a bit of pizazz to your tacky holiday look with lashings of tinsel, sequins, and glitter! It’s amazing how a bit of sparkle can turn an ordinary garment into something quite unholy and monstrous. 

    Aggressively Festive Slogans

    Christmas is all about family, friends, and offending anyone and everyone within a mile radius. We have many hilarious and inappropriate slogans to raise more than a few eyebrows. They’re a great conversation starter - or stopper.

    Christmasified Characters

    Humping reindeer, dancing polar bears, and festive fish! We could’ve stopped there, but we didn’t! We have Santa, Rudolph, and even Batman. All, of course, take pride of place on our holiday pullovers. 

    National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

    Raise money, get silly, and be creative for National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. We have a massive selection of yuletide clothing to bring your A-game this festive season.

    As part of Save the Children’s 'Make The World Better With A Sweater' campaign, this fun event takes place every third Friday of December. 

    It’s the perfect excuse to swap out your boring suits, dull school uniforms, and everyday attire in favor of the ugliest of festive clothing - the Christmas sweater.

    So make sure you’re ready. After all, it’s for a good cause! Or, at the very least, it’ll give your co-workers a good laugh. 

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

    Nowadays, Christmas parties are commonplace. But there was a time when wearing your cheesiest holiday pullover was reserved for Christmas dinner with the family. 

    That was until 2002 in Vancouver (of all places) when the first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party took place. 

    Hosted annually by friends Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch, this homage to the ugly Christmas sweater has started a modern-day tradition. And today, it's something enjoyed worldwide.

    Our Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    Whatever the occasion, be it a party, competition, or for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, we have something for you. 

    All our ugly Christmas sweaters use high-quality yarn, making them super soft and cozy. So give your granny a break from knitting this year, and check out some of our festive offerings.

    We have funny cardigans, geeky vests, and unsightly waistcoats too.

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